Casino Industry Workers Insist on Getting Paid During Lockdown

Casino Industry Workers
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With over 90% of casinos battling through the COVID 19 storm, you would at least hope that it does not get any worse. But, it looks like even more storms are coming from the casino  industry workers unions

The Casino Workers Union has had an online meeting asking that they continue to get paid. This is despite the fact that most land casinos might not even survive until the end of 2020.

Also, most gamblers have now made the shit to online casinos for their real money gaming. Hence, even after the shutdown, it might get hard to get most of their clientele back.

Casino Industry Workers Voice Out for Continuous Payment

Unemployment in Australia is set to rise from 6% to 15% or even more in 2020 due to the COVID 19 Lockdown. Therefore we definitely understand where the global casino workers are coming from.

In a meeting held by the American Unite Here Workers Union, there was no debate on the final agreement.  Even though casinos are shut down, the workers must still get paid!

According to Unite Here President, D.Taylor, casinos are worth a lot of money and they can definitely afford to pay their workers.


“They should step up and pay people throughout this closing, the gambling industry is just sitting on a pile of money watching the chaos,”


The New Orleans Division President of Unite Here, Marlene Cooper, said that the workers are the reason why the casino investors are getting the huge amounts of money they are getting now. Hence, they should also get a piece of the pie.

“This is a disaster that’s 10 times worse than Katrina. They chose to keep their stockpile of cash for the investors. That came off the backs of these workers,” declared Cooper.


 Are The Casinos Paying Their Workers?

Most of the Tribal Casinos, like Wind Creek Hospitality, are paying their casino worker. Additionally, Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands and Station Casinos are also still paying their workers.

But, there is an outburst that MGM resorts and Caesars are not paying its casino workers. These happen to be the biggest casinos with MGM resorts leaving 60 000 of its workers stranded.

According to the Culinary Union, the weekly paycheck from MGM resorts to its workers is not enough considering the fact that it is worth billions.

 “MGM Resorts, the largest private-sector employer in the state of Nevada, announced it would pay its employees no more than one extra biweekly paycheck after it closed its casino resorts on the Las Vegas Strip on March 17. It made the same decision for its casinos elsewhere in the US. MGM currently has approximately $3.9 billion cash on hand.”   The Culinary Union

Therefore, the casinos can surely start implementing their social responsibility policies and prove their loyalty to their workers in the most bizarre situations ever faced by the world. Taylor went on to challenge the casinos to do the humane thing and be there for their workers.


There is no question that this has got to be one of the worst social and economic hiccup that the world has ever faced. All we can do is come together and hope for the best. Not forgetting, providing financial aid to those in need.

Casino Workers FAQs

Can Casino Workers have two jobs?
Yes, they can. Casino employees work in shifts, therefore, they can balance out their time and do other things in between.
What Qualifications do I need to be a Casino Dealer?
Being a casino dealer does not really need you to be qualified. You will just need to practice more on your hospitality skills.
How much do casino employees get?
Casino workers receive an hourly basic wage. However payment varies according to the specific company they will be working for. Also, they earn a lot more from the tips they get from the players.
Should I train to be a casino worker?
You do not really need much training except for the one you will get from the casinos themselves. However, you can try out the schools that can help you become better at your skills in poker and blackjack for example.
Can Casino Dealers also gamble at their workplace?
That will depend on the policies of the casino. But, if they are allow it , why not?

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