World’s Largest Independent Lab Testing Facility Opens Doors in Perth

World’s Largest Independent Lab Testing Facility Opens Doors in Perth
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World’s Largest Independent Lab Testing Facility Opens Doors in PerthCan you believe that a new lab testing facility has opened its doors in Perth? If you want to get your hands on some top quality laboratory equipment, then you should head over to the new facility at Kings Park Hospital. This state-of-the-art facility offers a wide range of services, from microbiology and hematology to toxicology, as well as pharmacology.

Kings Park Hospital in Perth

Kings Park Hospital is Australia’s largest private hospital, right there in the heart of Perth’s CBD. In addition to providing medical care, the hospital also operates laboratories and provides pathology services, as well as long term tutoring for newly certified persona. The hospital even boasts an official drug testing facility!

The new lab testing center saw a launch by Labor Minister Chris Bowen and Health Minister Kim Hames during their visit to the hospital. The two representatives were there to mark the opening of the facility as part of a drive to make it easier for people to access high quality health information. According to Mr Bowen, the new facility enables more than 100 tests to be performed while improving efficiency.

Health Minister Kim Hames at Kings Park Hospital

The lab testing center provides a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services including blood analysis, immunology, microbiology, hematology, histopathology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, DNA profiling, as well as forensic medicine.

This state-of-the art laboratory also provides pharmaceutical consultation, as well as being able to perform clinical trials. However, there are no plans to expand this service into other facilities. In fact, there are no specific intentions to add any more laboratories to the existing network.

It should come as little surprise that Kings Park Hospital has been chosen to operate the new state-of-the -art laboratory. Dr Robert Goadby – Director of Clinical Laboratories says “the Kings Park Hospital campus is ideally suited for setting up a dedicated lab, with its large parking lot, central location, as well as the extensive space available for future expansion or relocation.”

Expected Output at the Lab Testing Facility

According to the Department of Health, the new laboratory assists in the improvement of patient outcomes through better diagnosis and treatment. As such, a more efficient service system is put into effect. With that in mind,  patients receive faster results, as well as enjoy a lower need for repeat visits and referrals. According to the department, the cost per test falls between $50 and $60.

Lab Testing Facility Services

In order to ensure that all patients can benefit from the new facility, the following services are offered:

  1. Immunohematology (blood grouping)
  2. Microbiology (bacterial culture and identification)
  3. Hematology (complete blood count)
  4. Histopathology (pathological examination)
  5. Cytogenetics (analysis of chromosomes)
  6. Molecular Genetics (DNA sequencing)
  7. Toxicology (drug screening)

Conclusion on the Lab Testing Facility

The new lab comes with and estimated real money output of $1 million annually, hence making it one of the largest independent labs in Australia. The new facility is most definitely a significant step forward for the health system.

The Perth metropolitan area now boasts the most comprehensive list of diagnostic services in Western Australia, as well as therapeutic facilities. This is all thanks to the opening of the new laboratory


How do I get here?
Kings Park Hospital is in the heart of the city, just off St Georges Terrace. If you are coming from Fremantle, Mandurah or Joondalup, take bus number 10, which stops outside the main entrance.
What time does the lab open?
The lab opens daily from 8am until 5pm, Monday to Friday. However, the lab closes at 4pm on weekends. That said, further terms and allowances may apply in different situations.
Is there parking nearby?
There is plenty of free street parking close to the hospital. Alternatively, there are car parks located next door.
Can I bring my own doctor?
Yes, you may bring your own doctor. However, all doctors must register with the WA Doctors Register before conducting medical examinations.